Life update | Israel

It’s been a week since I’m in Israel. I remember long time ago, when it was my dream to go to Israel and to live there for a while. However, not the most pleasant news brought me here, which I want to keep in private.

Tel Aviv is amazing city and I like being here. People are so friendly, cafes and bars are very good both service and food/drinks. What I enjoy here is working out outdoors and running at beachfront. Maybe next post will be comparison between Tel Aviv and Almaty.

My trip here is very random. I can’t tell if it’s good, because in Almaty I had a lot of projects which I miss now. In November I planned at least 3 performances (who don’t remember, I’m dancer). I had role in performance with my dance group, but I won’t be able to do it, so received message that they found amazingly talented and perfect girl instead of me for this role aren’t the most cheering news.. Also planned two solos which were already ready for stage and now I get out of dance shape. Well, I at least do workout and ballet class with ballet music in my AirPods in outdoor workout park where everyone stares at me like I’m weirdo lol.

Now some more personal observations about Israel: 1. Public transport works amazing 2. Jewish guys are very different from European and central Asian guys with their behavior. I guess I can tell bigger overview about them later , when I’ll get more experience haha.

Anyway, I don’t know when I’m back.

Very soon, I promise .


Israel, Tel Aviv

9:45 pm

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