Why I left Mormonism and other religious ramblings

Leaving religion can be hard when your family are very much a part of it. I feel lucky that my parents are not deeply into religious stuff, so it was easier for me to leave than for other people. My opinion about the subject is clear: if you don’t like going to church then don’t go to church. If it doesn’t bring many benefits in your life, just move forward.

I’m pretty sure that I would have been more miserable if I stayed in the church. I read these books like the bible, the book of Mormon, Buddhist texts, Judaism for dummies and started realizing that just organized religion is voluntary, you don’t have to be diehard about it. And if there’s God I don’t want him to require me to have faith in him where when I get to the end and I die and he’s like: oh you didn’t accept Jesus and you didn’t have faith with me so you’re gonna go to hell. I don’t want that to be my God anyway, I don’t want to fear God.

Another issue is that there are too many limitations and rules that you need to follow, because if you don’t, it means that you’re not really into religion and everyone in church will be very judgmental. I think church rules became too old for today’s world. For example, abortion laws that make premature termination a sin on the part of the mother. Oh, come on it’s not even a baby, it’s clot of cells, and anyway it’s her own body and she can do whatever she wants with it, only the girl has the decision, not the bishop or whoever has power in church. In addition, sex out of wedlock and masturbation are viewed as sins, which is total crap because it’s a physical need of everyone person, as much as food.

Also, I don’t like position of girl in the church life. Why can only men be bishops or priests? Why can’t women have the same roles? That’s discriminating. I want to live in the world of equal opportunities, and church doesn’t provide that.

I left church because it’s not opened for LGBT and Mormons were racists well before I joined with a history of membership being only open to those of a “white race”.

The last reason is that I’ve never felt a true connection. Church was something new, interesting and entertaining for me, but I’ve never felt like these other modest church girls. I felt differently, I wasn’t agreeing with what the church leaders said – so the best option was just to quit.

I don’t regret that now, maybe I miss some people but not the rules or church life.

Thanks for reading

Fiona Edwards

1o pm

Kazakhstan, Almaty

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