My search for perfect religion and faith

To begin with, I was born to a not so religious family. My parents are Eastern orthodoxies, but they never felt strongly religious. So, I was baptized within the Eastern Orthodox Church. To be honest, I have never liked it there, it was very uncomfortable inside and there was a very unpleasant smell which made things even worse.

Things started to change when I was 15 and started to date with an eastern orthodox guy who was heavily involved in the church. I started to attend it every Sunday and after the service at church, I visited youth meetings with a bishop, which could last two hours or sometimes even longer. I really felt that spirit at that time and genuinely liked being part of the church. However, as time passed, eastern orthodoxy became boring for me, it seemed too old fashioned and I mentioned that other Christian confessions were seemingly scared of Eastern orthodoxies.

Next thing I tried was Judaism. I thought it would be great idea to try it, because I have some Jewish roots. Unfortunately, being Jewish turned out too hard because of stringent rules both in and outside the synagogue, and orthodox Jews are tough, very judgmental and make you feel very uncomfortable and miserable. Jewish people were only welcoming to those born Jewish, which made sense to me. Jews were persecuted all their lives and now they welcome only their people.

Then things started to develop differently. As a little background: once I was in the metro and saw some adorable guys in suits, black tie and white shirt stuff haha, they looked good and seemed polite, so I decided to talk to them. I’m an impulsive person, so it’s easy for me to just start talking with random people. So, I started to talk they seemed opened and awesome, funny guys, not any word about religion and LDS.  So, we spent like an hour walking in the park talking but then it was time to go, we were about to say bye and then they gave me that card with address, and told that it would be nice to meet in their church next time. So, that’s how everything started, my acquaintance with mormonism.

That was my story, the point is that I wanted to find perfect religion for myself. However, verity (not sure what you mean, virtuosity or truth) wasn’t hidden – perfect religion for me was not to have any. Religion brought only limitations and inconvenience to my life, I’ve got stress because now it seems that all I’ve done in my life was wrong and bad. It was also hard and embarrassing to meet with priests, bishops, talk with adult men about my “sins”, and confess and be made to regret supposed sins in front of them.

REMEMBER that any kind of organized religion is voluntary. If it just does not fit for you, do research and quit because you shouldn’t spend your life in the church where you are unhappy.

(WHY I LEFT all religious ramblings — NEXT POST)

Thanks for reading

Fiona Edwards

8 53 Pm

Almaty, Kazakhstan

My search for perfect religion and faith: 5 комментариев

  1. You cut across to me as a very bold, spontaneous, and interesting person. So, I’m reli interested in your religious view now. For the record, I’m not really a Church person but I believe in God and I take him very seriously. I feel like there’s so much drive for cash in the church today. Interesting article….


      1. K..fiona..I may be wrong but I feel like your problem wit most of these religious houses is the rules…so in your free time, u may listen to a man called Joseph Prince…You may like his views……Hope 2 hear frm u….


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